One of my more thoughtful songs. I recorded this song on my 2009 album “Music and Friends”. Recorded at The Candlelight Acoustic Club in Newton Aycliffe. A great club, a wonderful evening.

All The Young Soldiers

I served for 3 years as Master Chef of the 1st Battalion The Gordon Highlanders in Fort George Scotland and in Northern Ireland. They were a fine family Regiment and like many Scottish Regiments suffered heavy losses during the First and Second World Wars. You can imagine what this did to the village communities in the Highlands with the loss of so many of their menfolk.


I love Americana, the cars of the 50 and 60s, the Jukeboxes, Route 66, The Beach Boys. This is my son Mark’s song, perhaps I should say “our” song.

WHitby Harbour

Whitby Harbour is my most successful song, mainly due to Martyn Wyndham-Read recording and singing it around the world. I wrote it in response to a challenge from BBC Radio York to write a song for Yorkshire Day. I was a judge so I was not allowed to enter.

Somewhere in A Northern Town

This is one of the songs I wrote during Lockdown, as yet to be recorded in the studio. I recorded the guitar and vocals in York, sent it up to Steven Lawrence in Glasgow who added his magic and produced the final track. The wonders of the Web.


The title track of my fifth studio album. The album was rated “Outstanding” and Rated “Five Stars” by Rock and Reel Magazine. It is one of my most requested songs and has been featured on Radio Two and on Old Time Radio in Australia and many other radio stations around the world. I was blessed with many world class musicians who played and contributed their talent to this album.


I have always loved this song, it was used in Finland and Holland to teach children sign language. Alice was never a real person, I was trying to bring attention to the fact that we should give more notice and consideration to disabilities. There but for the Grace of God?


This song very much reflects my outlook on life. It is what it is, make the most of every day. Recorded at Frodsham Folk Club Nov 2014.